Off to the island - with the glasses of the elite

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Ultimate style and top performances - that's what awaits all beach volleyball enthusiasts again this year in the heart of Vienna. Of course, both are provided by our now legendary glasses, which are making waves among the top athletes and the entire community. So: Check us out & come by the A1 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championships on Vienna's Danube Island from August 2 to 6, 2023! 


"We are looking forward to getting in close contact with the community and beach volleyball fans again at the European Championships and showing them our high-quality and super stylish products on site" 

Mike Kofler, Co-Founder ATHLETES eyewear

Beach Volleyball + ATHLETES eyewear = "Perfect Fit

Fitness and concentration are one thing - but without the right equipment, even the best athletes don't stand a chance on the court! Our glasses are the "perfect fit", because nothing works in beach volleyball without the ideal view. So it's clear that the community goes for our high-quality models, because they not only come with Zeiss lenses in top quality, but also with perfect support and wearing comfort and they also look damn good! 

"My favorite sunglasses are definitely the Youp in the colors Black/Sea. They are simply phenomenal! With their unbeatable combination of functionality, comfort and style, they have elevated my sports experience to a whole new level. The innovative design ensures a perfect fit and a secure hold, even during the most intense beach volleyball defensive moves. All in all, these sports glasses are a must-have for any sports enthusiast looking to combine top performance with a stylish appearance."

Ronja Klinger, beach volleyball professional

The fact that ATHLETES eyeware now belongs to the elite in beach volleyball is therefore not surprising, but of course makes us extremely proud. As the official eyewear partner of the European Championships, we equip the crew and the officials off the court, but also on the court more and more top athletes trust in the quality of our high-quality products. This is also evidenced by our international cooperations, for example with one of the up-and-coming international beach volleyball series "King of the Court".

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Sport elite trusts top quality

Many European and international top teams no longer take to the court without our eyewear. On the Danube Island this year, for example, XY (note: mention 2-3 teams that are equipped by ATHLETES eyeware) will show off with our products. Since recently, this clearly includes the "Legend" - our first high-end eyewear that comes completely without frames and is therefore perfectly suited for the exciting battles on the court. No matter from which angle - the "Legend" always provides the perfect view.

"I'm loving my GAMECHANGER because they truly live up to their name. Wearing them in all my games as they are the most comfortable glasses I've ever had... and super lightweight!"

Belen Carro, beach volleyball professional

In addition to our many sports and leisure glasses, on which there is a discount of up to 20 percent at the sales booths on the Danube Island, we are also offering a completely new product line for the first time this year: the cool Kinesio bands from ATHLETES Eyeware. With these, we also support the sports elite in the recovery phases, so that they can always give their best on the court and dominate. 

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Come by!

So we at ATHLETES eyeware are ready and fully motivated to show once again on the Danube Island why we are taking the beach volleyball community by storm and are now clearly among the top sports and leisure brands. But see for yourself and visit us at our booths from August 2 to 6 on Vienna's Danube Island!

"We have prepared ourselves: For all volleyball fans there will be two sales booths on the Danube Island in the Trade Village and the VIP area, cool discount promotions on our glasses, new products that we will offer for the first time at the European Championship, raffles, goodie bags and much more!"

Mike Kofler, Co-Founder ATHLETES eyewear

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