It's gonna be legendary!

It's gonna be legendary!

Light as a feather, frameless and fully in tune with the times - our new sports sunglasses model LEGEND more than lives up to its name. In these glasses is the know-how from tens of years of experience, it has of course top lenses of the brand Zeiss and it is available in two sizes, which makes it really fits everyone perfectly. The LEGEND is available now - soon also as a special edition in the mega-cool "Queen & King of the Court" style.

"With the LEGEND, we did away with the frame for the first time in the history of ATHLETES eyewear. It sounds so simple, but in reality it's a leg-breaking development effort."

Mike Kofler, Co-Founder ATHLETES eyewear

The missing frame in the LEGEND changes the entire architecture and also the tensions in the lens of the sunglasses. The development team of Athletes eyewear has put all its know-how and many innovative ideas into scale and finally created a perfect product. Selected ATHLETES eyewear athletes and influencers have already been able to train with prototypes and were thrilled by the lightness, fit and unrestricted field of vision of the LEGEND.

"We have tested the glasses now for a few days and we really like them! They are light and fit perfectly. Especially after we adjusted the temple. The small size fit the best for me, since I don't have a big head."

Jonatan Hellvig, European Champion Beach Volleyball 2022 

"The new model from Athletes Eyewear is very comfortable, lightweight and especially super suitable for athletes with a smaller head, as the glasses are narrower than the previous models. Also, there are super cool different color designs."

Lisa-Sophie Kotzan, German Beach Volleyball Player

Beach Volleyball

Why frameless?

After receiving more and more customer requests for frameless sports sunglasses, we asked ourselves the question "why". The answer was quickly obvious. Especially in dynamic sports, such as beach volleyball or mountain biking, frameless glasses like the LEGEND offer many advantages. The field of vision, especially when changing directions frequently, is much less impaired than with glasses with frames. But also when golfing, running and many other sports, a 100% unobstructed field of vision can make the fine difference between winning and losing. Finally, with its featherweight design, LEGEND is an ideal and comfortable companion.

"Many of our other top goggles, such as the EASYRIDER or even the GAMECHANGER have a super large field of view. With the LEGEND, however, we have finally been able to fully exploit this range. That's what makes these sports sunglasses so special."

Mike Kofler, Co-Founder ATHLETES eyewear

High quality materials as far as the eye can see

The LEGEND offers top quality in every aspect that our customers have come to expect from us. The Zeiss lenses specially developed for this model not only look fantastic, with a modern clip-in system you can also add optical inserts to the LEGEND in seconds. Adjustable temple tips made of durable rubber, an adjustable 3D nose bridge and a frame made of high-quality Swiss injection molding ensure that the LEGEND fits perfectly.

"Of course, we always aim for our eyewear to become legendary - but with the LEGEND, we've succeeded in creating a real high-flyer."

Jen Sternemann, Head of Marketing ATHLETES eyewear

The LEGEND is now available in five colors. We've also packed in a photochromic version of the glasses. This adapts the tint of the lenses to the current light conditions in a matter of seconds. Last but not least, the LEGEND is our first eyewear model that is available in two different sizes - S and M. Thus, we can ensure that the glasses fit perfectly on every head.


Special Edition: Queen & King of the Court

In addition to the five super stylish standard colors of the LEGEND, there will soon also be a "Queen & King of the Court" special edition. As befits majestic eyewear, the otherwise matte black model with golden lenses will feature a golden crown, among other things. The release of the special edition, which has been refined in Austria, is planned for this summer. Soon after, our street style top seller URBANSTYLE will also be available in the "Queen & King of the Court" style.

The official partnership with "Queen & King of the Court", one of the up-and-coming international beach volleyball series is another important step towards internationalization for us at ATHLETES eyewear.

"We are mega proud to have a strong partner in beach volleyball on an international level after the German Beach Tour. There's definitely a lot in store for our customers over the next three years!"

Jen Sternemann, Head of Marketing ATHLETES eyewear

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