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Color: Olympic Edition
136 mm w x 60.4 mm h

Now it's getting legendary! Light as a feather, frameless and fully in tune with the times.


Discover the limited Legend Olympic Team Austria Edition sports sunglasses! Exclusively designed for the Olympic Team Austria, which will be competing at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. These sunglasses with special Zeiss lenses increase contrasts and keep your focus on gold. The red-white-red design symbolizes the strength and pride of the Austrian team.


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The LEGEND bundles the know-how of umpteen years of experience, of course has top lenses from the Zeiss brand and is available in two sizes, which means that it really fits everyone perfectly. A real legend is waiting for you. Grab them.

Features & Technologies

Impact protection

Zeiss lenses have been developed and tested in demanding environments to ensure unlimited protection under extreme conditions in terms of mass and speed.

Size & Fit

  • 1: Frame size 136 mm
  • 2: Glass height 60.4mm

The dimensions listed are for customer use only. Opticians should not use them for indications on prescriptions.

No limits

Especially in dynamic sports, such as beach volleyball or mountain biking, frameless glasses like the LEGEND offer many advantages. The field of vision, especially when frequently changing viewing directions, is much less impaired than with glasses with frames.

General product information

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